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3212Starbucks Video Winners 2018

(Colin Bell, Isaac Sheets, Emma Wiseman and Chloe Bryant)

Isaac Sheets

Emma Wiseman


Takur Theodore Conlu
Takur Conlu

Rachal Meza Rojas
Rachal Meza Rojas

Victoria Schmidt-Colormewithchao

Jordon Schultz – KXL

2014 #BeLikeNeil Winner!

lily Gordon Oregon Sports Awards 2014     lily Gordon Oregon Sports Awards 2014 2    Neil Everett Lily Gordon

2015 #BeLikeNeil Winner!


Natasha Geiling  was a writer and digital journalist based out of Washington, DC. Her primary interests include women and gender issues and food/ag policy. Her writing has appeared on, Slate, Salon, and Willamette Week.  (
Natasha’s stories

Erik Gunderson – was the Vancouver Columbian Reporter

Alexa Armstrong – was the breaking news reporter for her hometown paper.  Alexa is a graduate of the Cronkite School of Journalism graduate program.

Matt Seeley and his website

Cara Downs – scroll down to last letter.

Lily Gordon,AAAAPLpuSqE~,a1DdoZJH5WT7C8Y068BNUzNkGsOfv-0l

Sami Grainger-Shuba

Jordan Roach – My Brothers and I

Sara Rassmessen

Taylor A – Former Editor of University of Puget Sound  Newspaper – The Trail

OYES Champs
015 Oregon Young Emploee Safety Contes (1st, 2nd and Finalist)

2016 fpress.png


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